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We make smart web and mobile technology that bringspeople together for 1-on-1 conversations.

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Get20 allows individuals to ask for advice or support from a group, and connect directly for a 1-on-1 conversation, via phone, text, or chat. Once a request is answered, it is automatically removed from the queue to help remove communication clutter.

Know exactly what people are asking before connecting. Get20's technology can be used for both within your organization, as well as communicating with customers or clients. We offer seamless customized widgets that can easily integrate into your website or be used as a standalone webpage. Setup is simple. Your organization can be up and running within a matter of minutes.

How it works

It's quick & easy to install Get20. Then, anyone can take requests through our mobile app by phone or text message.

Add Get20 to your site and start taking requests right away.
Requests get matched and sent across your network to the right person or group.
Connect matches instantly with requests by phone or text to solve any need.
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More reasons to love our technology

Easy Setup Add a customizable widget to your website to start accepting requests right away. Copy & paste a snippet of code anywhere on your site to load your widget.
Multi-Channel Connect directly through talk and/or text. (No app is required for people making requests.)
Customizable Widget Choose from templates or customize your widget to match your brand. Or, our expert designers can work with you to develop something unique.
Mobile Ready Every incoming request is centralized and distributed to the our mobile app where calls and messages can be sent.
Social Login Simplify onboarding with one-click social login (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) into our mobile app.
Intelli-Matching Direct requests to specific individuals or groups by setting up custom groups / fields.
Generate Revenue Enable payment options per interaction to develop new revenue streams or fundraise for your business.
Integrations Our technology and data can integrate into your CRM, marketing automation, or analytics tools.
Analytics & Reporting Collect in-depth data and measurements. Track usage, calls, messages, response time, reviews, and more in real time.
By partnering with Get20 to harness the power of the now economy in mentorship, we are able to expand our offerings and make the process more convenient for both busy entrepreneurs and those who volunteer their time to educate Chicago’s entrepreneurs.
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