Increase Conversion Rates

Faster Response + More Connections = More Sales! Contacting a customer in the 1st minute of inquiry increases the chance to close the sale by over 391%.

Consumers Most Interested in Service

Delivering a lead the instant they express in interest in a service and enabling sales teams to contact them catches consumers when they are most interested.

Competitive Advantage

78% of all sales go to the first company that contacts a potential customer.


Sales teams have the option to only claim the leads they want and when it’s most convenient for them. Pay only for the leads that are claimed.

Verify Data & Consumer Intent

Verify the quality of data when capturing new leads and enable additional checks to make sure potential customers are truly looking for your service.

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To learn more about how Get20 is helping connecting organizations capture and distribute leads across sales teams, visit the Get20 solutions page.


It takes up to 6 follow up calls before making the first connection to a customer

We can help with that

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