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About BlitzQuote

Industry: Insurance

Products: Lead Capture Forms, Lead Distribution, Performance Analytics

BlitzQuote is a lead generation website that offers free insurance quotes to consumers in search of a better rate on their insurance. On the backend, 20+ Chicago insurance agents use the Get20 mobile app to connect with consumers instantly when a new quote request is submitted through the system.

Using Get20's technology, agents are notified immediately about the potential lead, shown key details about the consumer's request, and able to contact them directly by phone call or text message.

The Challenge

  • Consumers search for their best rates across multiple websites and change their mind quickly.
  • Most, if not all, insurance quoting websites sell the lead to multiple insurance agents increasing competition significantly.
  • Contacting a lead right away requires agents to be on the lookout for email leads, getting the consumer’s phone number, and making the call before the competition.
  • Monitoring performance of agents against lead spend and close rates is ambiguous at best.

The Solution

By providing BlitzQuote with lead capture forms and insurance agents with our mobile app for real-time lead distribution delivery, the lag time between consumers requesting insurance quotes and the agent connecting drops significantly.

Lead Capture Forms: BlitzQuote uses our customized web forms to ask consumers the most relevant and pertinent information agents require when vetting leads for quality. Their forms include phone number and SMS verification which is crucial in ensuring the first connection is made.

Lead Distribution: Insurance agents have the Get20 mobile app on their phone where leads are delivered instantly. When leads arrive, the key details filled in by the lead are presented to the insurance agent. Once an agent decides if the lead is right for them, they simply “claim” the lead by placing a call or text message directly to the potential customer.

Depending on the lead type, an agent may choose to use either communication method. In insurance, younger demographics usually prefer text message as phone calls are found to be obtrusive and inconvenient.

The Benefits

Increased Conversion Rates

Agents reported an improved close rate of 2x-5x. Responding faster and in the 1st minute of interest increases conversion rates by over 391%.

Consumers Most Interested in Service

Delivering a lead as soon as they inquire for service gets them at their the time when they are most interested

Competitive Advantage

Every agent is competitively advantage to have the first connection to potential customers. 78% of all sales go to the first company to contact a potential customer.

Reduced Unnecessary Spend

Providing key details about a lead prior to claim ensures agents claim and spend on only the leads most aligned to their services.


Agents have the option to choose leads when it’s most convenient for them. They pay only for what they claim.

Verified Data & Consumer Intent

Phone numbers are verified to ensure the first call connection is made. Consumer intent is verified by sending an additional SMS verification text before submitting their insurance quote request.

Exclusivity & Reduced Competition

While leads are available to all insurance agents upon delivery to claim, once claimed, a lead is exclusive to the first agent that takes it.

Performance Tracking

Agency owners can monitor and track the performance of agents to gain valuable insights on how in improve performance and ultimately, increase close rates.

Learn More

To learn more about how Get20 is helping connecting organizations capture and distribute leads across sales teams, visit the Get20 solutions page.

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Response Time - Randomized Sample Sales Groupings
Close Rates - Reported by BlitzQuote Insurance Agents
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Customer Feedback

“BlitzQuote has been a game changer for my office. Having just launched a business, quality leads for new clients are immensely valuable and BlitzQuote provides great prospective clients at a more than fair price.”

Max Adelman – Insurance Agent

“I love being able to text with clients initially. It’s so much faster for giving them quick responses, and some of our newer clients prefer text over voice.”

Jeff Davidson – Insurance Agent


It takes up to 6 follow up calls before making the first connection to a customer

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